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Filters are some of the devices that we cannot do without. When selecting a water filter, factors such as its operations must be considered, that is, whether it is salt free or utilizes ion exchange. One of the benefit of having a salt free softener is that it tends to prolong the life of materials that are in constant contact with water. Are you looking for a salt free water filter? Welcome on, for you are in the right place. We supply salt free water filters for both commercial and residential use.

Our Products

Whole House Water Filter

This filter does not waste on water, salt or electricity. For only $590, you can get this water filter that utilizes carbon to remove contaminants from water.

Salt Free water Softener

This water filter will suspend magnesium and calcium and prevent it from sticking on surfaces.

Filter + Softener Combo

This product has both a water filter and water softener section. It also utilizes the TAC technology to prevent the buildup of scale.

2 In 1 Filter+Salt Free Softener Combo

This single tanks has a system that allows both filtration and softening of water.

Complete Well Water System

If you are looking for durability, this is the product to go with. In addition to lasting you more than 7 years, this system is capable of removing minerals and odor from water.

Why Choose Us?


All our products are of high quality, utilizing the latest technology in water filtration. To show you just how serious we are about quality, we offer you a warranty on all our products.


Our products are very convenient. They are made in such a way that units can be detached and replaced with new ones.


Our products reduce wastage on water, salt and even electricity. Learn more about whole house water filtration system at filtersmart.