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Purchasing a water filter guarantees you of clean and water that is healthy for drinking at a lower cost compared to buying bottled water. In purchasing water filters, people are mostly torn between ion exchange water filters and those that utilize a salt-free process. Both types of filters have their advantages and disadvantages. Filter Smart deals with the sale of Salt-free water filters.

Our Water Filter Systems


Whole House Water Filters
Our whole house water filters utilize carbon in the removal of chlorine and water contaminants.

Salt-free Water Softener
This system does not utilize electricity or salt. Therefore, it helps you save on both energy and salt. Additionally, the system utilizes a TAC technology that suspends magnesium and calcium so that they don’t stick on the surfaces.

Filter and Salt Free Softener Combination
This system has a filter and a softener all in one. Therefore, you do not have to purchase a separate water softener.

Why Choose Us?
Our filters are way affordable than any other in the industry. We keep touch with our consumers by offering free delivery services on all our products. This significantly lowers the total cost of purchasing our salt-free water filters.

Eco Friendly
Our filters are made such that they help in protecting the environment. Our filters are different from the ion exchange filters that have harmful effects on the environment. We strive to provide you with products that are not only safe for you to use, but also help to improve the state of the environment.

Our water filter systems are made using the highest quality materials and with the latest technology. Therefore, we are able to always deliver quality systems. Our quality claim is not only in words, we believe in what we deliver so much that we offer all our customers a lifetime warranty.


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